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Hanging High Shear

Batch Rotor
Stator Mixers


2.5in BRS-1


Precision Inside and Out

Our hanging rotor stator mixer is a portable, ultra high shear solution for batch processing. Quickly and easily lift and lower the mixer into a variety of open vessels. Our portable mixer stand options are optimized to take the work out of moving the rotor stator, giving you flexibility in your overall mixing processes. Achieve reduced cycle times with the Batch Rotor Stator Series mixers.

Batch Rotor Stator Features

Customize our high shear rotor stator mixers to precisely match your process requirements. Whether you have specific process needs or strict industry standards, we offer customization at virtually all levels of product design.

2.5 non XP on Economy-1


Multiple Motor Options

Choose from standard electric TEFC, stainless steel TEFC,  and inverter duty explosion proof motors.

Interchangeable Stator Heads

Customize your shear levels with our various stator heads, providing increased particle reduction and shear force. Stator heads are designed to be quickly changed out for flexibility in your process.

Designed For Batch Mixing

Mix batches from 5 - 350 gallons with ease.

Variable Stand Options

Choose from our two batch rotor stator stands to meet your process needs. The economy model is designed for mixers under 250 lbs. and utilizes a manual hydraulic lift. The heavy duty stand can hold a mixer up to 750 lbs. and lifts with a foot- pump hydraulic lift. 


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Need something more specific than our standard product offering? Our Technical Specialists can design and engineer a unit to your exact specifications.