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High Shear In-line Mixing Made Easy

The ShearPro rotor stator mixer is a high intensity in-line mixer that can be used for blending, producing extremely stable emulsions, ultra-fine dispersions, accelerated reactions, eliminating fish-eyes and hydrating polymers and gums for thickening products.


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Processing Capabilities

The ShearPro series in-line mixers are commonly used for two types of processing: once-through and re-circulation, accommodating a variety of applications across numerous liquid processing industries.

Once-Through Processing

For once-through processes, products can be coarsely mixed, and then passed through the ShearPro; or multiple streams can be injected at the inlet of the mixer, and mixed as it passes through the ShearPro to produce a finished mix.


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Re-Circulation Processing

For recirculating processes, simply connect the ShearPro to the outlet of your tank or tote, and recirculate your product back to the top of your tank. The mixers can also be mounted on mobile carts, allowing them to be utilized at multiple mix tanks. ShearPro mixers can also be offered as part of a complete turnkey system, customized to your process requirements.



Customize your ShearPro with mixing tools

ShearPro offers three different classes of mixing tools that allow for higher shear, changes in pumping capacity, and particle erosion. This allows the ShearPro to utilize the perfect amount of mixing energy, and precisely match your exact mixing requirements. This results in better product quality, reduced production times, and less energy used over time.

Exoshear rotor and stator

ExoShear Mixing Tools

The ExoShear mixing tools are characterized by their straight, four-bladed rotor and the single ring stator with holes of varying diameter. The rotor is designed to maximize the pumping capacity of the mixing tool. These tools are most commonly used for recirculating processes, where high flow rates are required due to the larger batch sizes or when initial particle sizes are too large for other mixing tools.

Pulsor rotor stator

Pulsor Mixing Tools

The Pulsor mixing tools are characterized by their sweeping impeller blades, similar to ones used in centrifugal pumps. These rotors produce high flow rates but their mixing energy is reduced by converting some of the total energy from mixing to the pumping action. The Pulsor is available in 2 shear options, with the Pulsor 1 providing moderate shear, and the Pulsor 2 providing higher shear.

UltraShear rotor stator mixing tool

UltraShear Mixing Tool

The UltraShear mixing tools are characterized by their fine rings of teeth located on both the rotor and stator. The UltraShear tools provide the most mixing energy but the lowest pumping capacity. Available in 4 stages, with the UltraShear 1 allowing the largest particles through and UltraShear 4 with the smallest particle size, these tools are the most effective at achieving fine to ultra-fine dispersions.


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