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Industrial & Chemical Processes

Designed and built to meet the strictest standards in chemical processing. Let our engineers take the guess work out of optimizing your process.

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From the development of fine chemicals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, to large batch processing of commodity chemicals, the process requirements across the industry are some of the most rigorous and demanding on equipment. Chemicals at any level of concentration or volatility can have dramatic and costly effects on processing equipment if not paired with the correct contacted materials. Every part of a processing tank or mixer must be considered when setting up a chemical processing system, from wetted materials to seals and bearings, to motor safety requirements. We work with you every step of the way to guarantee a successful partnership in creating or evaluating new system processes.


From lab scale to production

We offer solutions for a variety of chemical and industrial processes including:

  • Liquid-liquid blending and dispersions
  • Liquid-gas blending and dispersions
  • Emulsions
  • Solid suspension
  • High viscosity mixing
  • Powder induction
  • Heating and cooling via temperature control system

Common Industries & Applications We Work Within

Chemical processing encompasses numerous industries. We engineer and manufacture systems for:

  • Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Polymers & Elastomers
  • Oleochemicals

Expertise in hazardous environments

Many chemical processes are highly volatile or flammable and require special considerations in the design and engineering phase.

For systems in hazardous environments, we offer:

  • Up to Class 1, Division 1 explosion proof mixer motors
  • Up to Class 1, Division 1 electrical panels with outside-zone mounted HMI
  • Inverter duty explosion proof mixer motors
  • Compressed air mixer motors
  • ASME pressure and steam rated stainless steel vessels
  • Alternate components available for wetted surfaces. Polyethylene, hastelloy, 304 & 316 stainless steel, non-stick and high heat shaft and impeller coatings, and various ring seals


Run your process with confidence in safety, durability, and continued support from MXD Process.



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