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Ink, Coatings & Paint Processes

Designed and built to provide perfect dispersions in your ink, coatings & paint production. Let our engineers take the guess work out of optimizing your process.

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Disperser system with high shear dispersion blade

As the industry shifts away from oil and solvent based coatings and paints, many systems manufacturers had in place aren't optimized for new waterborne and high solid coatings. The demand for low-VOC and high-performance coatings grows year over year. New technologies in ink, coatings and paint manufacturing require innovative and efficient solutions to re-purpose old equipment or replace entirely. We look at your process from start to finish with a focus on your processing goals, guaranteeing success along the way.


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Expertise

We offer solutions for a variety of inks, coatings, and paint manufacturers:

  • Liquid-liquid blending and dispersions
  • Solid-liquid blending and dispersions
  • Ultra fine and stable emulsions
  • Multi-phase mixing systems
  • Powder Induction
  • Low viscosity and high shear dispersion
  • Heating and cooling via temperature control system

Common Industries & Applications We Work Within

Inks, coatings, and paint processing encompasses numerous industries. We engineer and manufacture systems for:

  • Oil based paints and coatings
  • Waterborne paints and coatings
  • Pigment and dye incorporation
  • High performance coatings for rust prevention, UV curable, vehicle coatings, etc.
  • Inks for screen printing, residential and commercial inkjet printers, tattoos and more.

Perfect particle distribution, every time

Effectively dispersing pigments into an ink, coating or paint is at the center of our project planning when developing solutions unique to your process needs.

For systems that need to deliver consistency, we offer:

  • In-line mixing with multi-phase shear
  • Full turnkey automation and recipe control
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) procedure automation
  • Explosion proof mixer motors and electrical panels
  • Seamless powder induction with dust and powder control options
  • Lab, to pilot, to production scale testing
  • Alternate components available for wetted surfaces. Polyethylene, hastelloy, 304 & 316 stainless steel, non-stick and high heat shaft and impeller coatings, and various ring seals

SP1010 ShearPro

ShearPro In-Line Rotor Stator

Run your process with confidence in safety, durability, and continued support from MXD Process.


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