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Put Our Process To Work For Yours

From idea inception to fabrication and installation, our focus is ensuring a final product you can feel confident in.

More than just a manufacturer

At MXD Process, we specialize in delivering end-to-end process solutions, encompassing comprehensive engineering, project management, and testing support. Our commitment is to provide your company with superior mixing and processing equipment, tailored to meet your specific requirements and facilitate your overall success. Recognizing that process engineering and equipment fabrication cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mentality, we prioritize a deep understanding of your unique process needs and goals, allowing us to design and construct a customized mixing and processing system.

Regardless of the demands of your process, our overarching objective remains simple: to offer inclusive solutions that cater to manufacturers of all scales. Whether you engage in low-volume batch mixing or operate on a large-scale with thousands of gallons, our approach involves optimizing what works efficiently while eliminating any bottlenecks.


To begin each project, we initiate a thorough information-gathering phase, where we delve into your existing processes and outline your goals and expectations for completion. These initial conversations facilitate budgetary and timeline estimations, promoting transparency and reducing the likelihood of disruptions throughout the project's lifecycle.

The management of every project is handled entirely in-house, with our sales team, project managers, engineering, and fabrication departments operating under one roof. This integrated setup enables seamless communication between teams and affords our project managers and account executives full visibility into customer projects. Serving as the single point of contact, our project managers work closely with account executives, engineering teams, and production personnel to ensure timely delivery and adherence to budgets.

Whether your objective is to optimize batch mixing operations or scale up production through automation and continuous systems, you can have utmost confidence in partnering with us, as we consider your project as important as you do. We recognize that your ultimate satisfaction with our products is crucial for delivering satisfaction to your own customers, and we are dedicated to surpassing your expectations at every step of the process.

From Process To Profitability

We offer services for manufacturers at any scale. From a single mixer to a fully integrated process system, we strive to improve every process we touch. Learn more about the MXD Process family of brands and extensive product offering by downloading our services brochure.

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Our Services

Lab Testing

Schedule product testing in our lab to learn more about the rheology of your ingredients and allow us to develop a "proof of concept" for your project.

beaker with clear liquid in testing lab

Design & Engineering

Our team of mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers take your ideas, our process expertise and fabrication capabilities to create your custom processing systems. 

draft engineer with drawing blueprint

Mixer & Tank Fabrication

We do in-house machining, assembly, painting, stainless steel tank fabrication and polishing. This allows us full control over the quality and timeliness of your project.

Welder welding metal frame

Controls & Automation

We specialize in scaling up processes with automation and system integrations. We are a Siemens and Allen Bradley OEM, giving you additional flexibility in the level of control you want in your process.

Control panel connection box

Specialty Environments

We carry a number of certifications and offer a variety of products for specialty & hazardous environments including:

  • ASME Certification
  • UL142 Code Certification
  • Inverter-Duty Explosion Proof Motors
  • Specialty materials of construction
  • Sanitary polishes and coatings
stainless steel piping with mixing tanks

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Browse hundreds of standard industrial mixers and accessories. Ship directly to you from Mixer Direct!

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Design A Stainless Steel Tank

Our Tank Designer allows you to build a stainless steel vessel to your specs and get an instant quote.

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High Shear In-Line Mixers

Our ShearPro line of high shear in-line rotor stators delivers perfect emulsions and dispersions for a variety of processes.

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Shearpro inline mixer

Three Roll Mills

Learn about our Torrey Mills line of three roll mills. Designed for ultra high shear and high viscosity blending, three roll mills offer unparalleled dispersion capabilities.

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