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Put Our Processes To Work For Yours

stainless steel mixing tanks and mixers

A Comprehensive Process Partner

Our capabilities range from single vessel laboratory setups to full facility builds. We offer mixers and agitators for any viscosity or shear requirement, and stainless steel tanks rated for storage, mixing, or pressure. We use state of the art software and hardware to connect you to every detail of your process. If your industry requires strict sanitary or safety measures, we have the knowledge and resources to accommodate even the most rigorous requirements. 

300 gallon multishaft mixer

Process Engineering

At MXD Process, we employ a team of engineers specializing in mechanical, chemical, and process engineering. Having an in-house engineering department allows us to easily provide a customized product along with a growing selection of standardized products. With our in-house engineering department, we can provide cost effective solutions tailored to each customers unique needs, guaranteeing the desired outcome. 

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Project Management

Our Project Managers provide a point of contact between you, our sales department, and our engineering team, simplifying communication for all parties. The Project Manager will oversee all aspects of developing a process system, from design to implementation in your facility. Through project management, we ensure your project meets your budgetary needs, your quality expectations, and continued service after install.

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Process Automation & Batch Control Systems

Our in-house software and automation team provide varying levels of control for our system builds. Whether you want to run recipes in batch processing, or have a virtually hands-off, fully automated process, we provide custom controls solutions for every industry. We offer PID Controllers, PLC programming, HMI, and many other options for automating your process. Our panels and controls are assembled in a clean room using the latest in controls technology.

Learn more about our automation capabilities.

Process control panel

Laboratory & Process Testing

We offer laboratory testing to any customer, prospective or established. Utilizing our lab services allows us to have a hands-on understanding of your ingredients and where we can work together to achieve your desired results. Our lab includes benchtop mixers that can accommodate up to 5 gallons and an in-line rotor stator mixer for recirculation and batch testing.


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Our Tank Designer allows you to build a stainless steel vessel to your specs and get an instant quote.

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High Shear In-Line Mixers

Our ShearPro line of high shear in-line rotor stators delivers perfect emulsions and dispersions for a variety of processes.

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Three Roll Mills

Learn about our Torrey Mills line of three roll mills. Designed for ultra high shear and high viscosity blending, three roll mills offer unparalleled dispersion capabilities.

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