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At MXD Process, our vision as a company is to make every process better. We accomplish this by working together with our customers to improve their process.

Design and Build

When working with MXD Process you can be assured that you are getting what is best for your process. With an engineering team, tank fabrication shop, machine shop, and assembly plant all in the same space we have eliminated the gaps in manufacturing that typically lead to longer lead times and rework due to poor communication. MXD Process builds every system as an integrated piece of equipment. This guarantees that every piece is designed and built to work together. 

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                       MXD Process Brands

In-Line Rotor Stator

High intensity rotor stator for once-through or recirculation.

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Stainless Steel Process Tanks

Fully customizable process tanks for storage, mixing, and processing.

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Order Mixers Online

Sort through one of the largest lines of mixers, impellers, and accessories in the industry.

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Home of the Three Roll Mill

High shear dispersing machines that create highly efficient dispersions, emulsions, and homogenizations.

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