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High Shear

In-Line Rotor
Stator Mixers




Turning high shear
mixing into an art

Our extensive selection of in-line rotor stators provide high shear, continuous processing. These mixers significantly reduce processing time and are highly customizable, allowing for precise process tuning to elevate your mixing process. These in-line mixers can be used for blending, producing extremely stable emulsions, ultra-fine dispersions, accelerated reactions, eliminates fish-eyes and hydrates polymers and gums for thickening products.

In-Line Rotor Stator Features

Customize our high shear rotor stator mixers to precisely match your process requirements. Whether you have specific process needs or strict industry standards, we offer customization at virtually all levels of product design.


Seal Reservoir on SP1010-1


Multiple Motor Options

Choose from standard electric TEFC, stainless steel TEFC,  and inverter duty explosion proof motors.

Interchangeable Rotor Stator Heads

Customize your shear levels with our various stator heads, providing increased particle reduction and shear force. Rotor stator heads are designed to be quickly changed out for flexibility in your process.

Designed For Batch or Continuous Mixing

Use a ShearPro in-line mixer for batch tank re-circulation or process ingredients once-through and straight to your packaging. 

Seal Options For Any Industry

Further customize your in-line mixing process with various seal options. Utilize a single or double mechanical seal with a seal reservoir for added protection against fluid transfer.



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Need something more specific than our standard product offering? Our Technical Specialists can design and engineer a unit to your exact specifications.