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Create perfect dispersions,
every time

Torrey Mills three roll mills delivers consistent and quality dispersions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional blending.

Learn more about Torrey Mills and our three roll mill models by downloading our product brochure. Features of the 4 available models include:

Torrey Mill book and phone-1

  • Ceramic or stainless steel rollers
  • Adjustable roller spacing for particle reduction
  • Safety chain and e-stop
  • Easy to clean stainless steel body


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Learn more about Torrey Mills

Download our product brochure here!

smooth lotion dispersion

Disperse particles down to 1 micron

With adjustable rollers, our three roll mills can reduce particles size down to 1 micron, allowing for an ultra smooth and homogenized product.

Disperse products with viscosity from 200cps to 2,000,000cps, allowing for use in numerous industries and applications.



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