From Start To Finish

From idea conception, engineering and design, to building and implementation, MXD process is a comprehensive process company. Whatever point you're at in the process we can help make it better.


Mixer Direct

Mixer Direct is founded on the idea that you can size and select your own mixing equipment. Sort through one of the largest lines of mixers, impellers, containers, and accessories in the industry. We manufacture and sell mixing equipment to suit every conceivable mixing need. Our mixing machine designs are high quality and modular to permit rapid assembly of a wide variety from a large inventory of components. Our mixer designs span the range from lab stirrers used for smaller or pre-mix applications to large top-entry tank mixers that handle several thousand gallons.

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Titan Tanks

Titan Tanks supplies and manufactures stainless steel tanks. We make tanks for mixing, processing, and storage. We have engineers that can help you customize your tank and have peace of mind that you will get exactly what your application calls for. We are an ASME and UL 142 certified fabrication shop and have all the capabilities to make sure your tank is built to the highest industry standards.

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The ShearPro rotor-stator is a high-intensity in-line mixer that can be used for blending, producing extremely stable emulsions, ultra-fine dispersions, accelerated reactions, and can eliminate fish-eyes and hydrate polymers and gums for thickening products. 

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Torrey Mills

Home of the Three Roll Mill, ultra-high shear dispersion machines that are an industry favorite for high viscosity blending.  With the capability to reduce particles down to 1 micron, the three roll mill is versatile in its applications.


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