MXD Process Awarded Contract For Agrochem Company

MXD Process Awarded Contract From Multinational Agricultural Biotechnology Company For The Development of Systems For Agrochemical Coatings Process

LOUISVILLE, KY. April 16, 2015 — MXD Process is announcing today that during the first quarter of 2015, that it has been awarded a agrochemical systems build by a multinational agricultural biotechnology company.

This new agrochemical systems build will include stainless steel tanks, mixers, and controls from MXD Process brands: Mixer Direct, Titan Tanks, and MXD Systems. The skid system will include dimple jacketed tank, mixers, and plc system and controls. 

“It was a great project where all three MXD Process brands were included. Our Mixer Direct line provided mixers, our Titan Tanks line provided stainless steel tanks, and our electrical engineers and MXD Systems pulled all the various components together to provide a system that was compact and could execute exactly what the customer needed. It was great to see all the branches of our company pulled together”, said Tim Gunn, Director of Sales at MXD Process. 

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